#025 Paz Pisarski – Startup Series – A Key Woman building Communities as a Service 2024 style.

In this episode, I chat with Paz Pisarski , the phenomenal Co-Founder of The Community Collective. Paz is a professional musician and now Entrepreneur who is building impactful communities and supporting 200+ businesses, including Canva, MYOB, CSIRO, Blackbird Ventures, Founders Factory Africa, and more! 🚀You may recall the concept of a Key Wo/Man business we…Read More

#024 – Steve Dowling – The Grant Sherpa helping entrepreneurs get a leg up!

Entrepreneurs live or die based on their ability to access capital. Grants are an option for whatever stage of your entrepreneurial journey, like them or hate them.In this episode, I enjoyed interviewing Mr. Steve Dowling from Grant Helper. Over the past decade, Steve has developed specialist expertise in government relations, focusing on accelerating business growth…Read More

#023 Erik Zimmerman – From a Crude Awakening to Socially Conscious Entrepreneurship

In this episode, I discuss Erik Zimmerman’s remarkable journey. Influenced by his psychologist mother and futurist father, who profoundly impacted my own entrepreneurial philosophy, Erik has developed a keen understanding of human behaviour and business innovation.Erik’s entrepreneurial journey was sparked in 2006 after viewing “A Crude Awakening” at the Melbourne Film Festival. This experience led him to…Read More

#022 David Ritter – Blockchain Entrepreneurship & The Importance of Privacy in DeFi.

This week, I enjoyed reconnecting with an old friend and fellow blockchain enthusiast, David Ritter. Our paths first crossed in 2017 in Shanghai, and David’s intellect and passion for innovation in the financial services immediately stood out in our interactions.  After rekindling our connection a year ago, I was eager to have him share his…Read More

#021 Gaynor Lawton – Helping Teens and others with their self doubt through entrepreneurship

Here’s my conversation with Gaynor Lawton, an inspiring mentor helping both small businesses and teenagers navigate their entrepreneurial journeys.Gaynor believes that self-doubt can immobilise even the most confident entrepreneurs. This observation led her to focus on Business Development and Mentoring, ensuring that individuals grow along with their ventures.She has harnessed these insights to create TeenBoss,…Read More

#020 Norm Jenkins on Culture in Startups as a competitive advantage & playing it straight with your life partner.

In this show, I interview Norm Jenkins again.  You may remember Norm was one of the first discussions on the podcast (EP#004).  Today, in Ep #020, we discuss the power of culture as a driver for entrepreneurial success in a start-up.  Norm and I discuss the power of establishing a solid culture at the beginning…Read More

#019 Nick Boniciolli – Metalhead revolutionising decision-making with AI

Today, we have the pleasure of delving into the entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Nick Boniciolli, a dynamic entrepreneur hailing from Adelaide, Australia.Nick epitomises the entrepreneurial spirit, transitioning from his roots in a Heavy Metal band during his teenage years to pioneering alternative funding solutions for startups. Currently, he spearheads Optible AI, a cutting-edge technology platform…Read More

#018 Ilias Zervas – Entrepreneurship: A Greek Odyssey with a Modern Beat

Join me as I discuss Entrepreneurship in its rawest form, on he streets of Athens in Greece.Ilias Zervas is a multi-talented individual serving as a business consultant, musician, and entrepreneur. He pursued BioMedical Engineering studies at the University and hails from Koroni and Kalamata, Greece. With a knack for music, he excels in Jazz, American…Read More

#017 Bobak Tavangar – Augmented Reality, A Monocle with AI & the spirit of Entrepreneurship.

In this episode I talk with Bobak Tavangar is the co-founder and CEO of Brilliant Labs. This company is innovating in the augmented reality (AR) field by developing an open-source AR glasses hardware platform.The company has attracted significant investment, including from prominent figures such as Adam Cheyer (co-founder of Siri) and Brendan Iribe (co-founder of…Read More

#016 Prof Jason Potts and Dr Darcy Allen – How Blockchain is revolutionising Economics, Finance & Business

Welcome to “Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo,” in today’s episode, we have an exciting focus on blockchain and DeFi (Decentralised Finance) innovation, featuring Jason Potts and Darcy Allen from the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub (Australia).Prof. Jason Potts, is a Distinguished Professor of Economics at RMIT University and a co-founder of the Blockchain Innovation Hub and D3…Read More

#015 Velenie Jacob – The challenges of helping female entrepreneurs in the South Pacific

Welcome to “Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo.” In this episode, I’m thrilled to introduce our guest, Velenie Jacob, an Business Coach & Trainer from the Vanuatu. Velenie is distinguished by her accreditation from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and her expertise in the realm of MSME Finance.Velenie’s mission is to empower businesses in effectively…Read More

#012 Michelle O’Neil – Tail Wags Horse, a story of Equine Entrepreneurship

Welcome to “Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo.” Today, we’re joined by Michelle, a lifelong equestrian whose journey began on her family farm, surrounded by an endless supply of ponies and horses. From early stock work with her father to her active involvement in Pony Club activities in Adaminaby and Cooma, Michelle’s love for horses blossomed through…Read More

#0013 Peter North 3P Legal – Values, Risk, Entrepreneurship and Purpose

Welcome to the “Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo” podcast. I’m your host, Peter Christo, and today, we have an inspiring story to demystify engaging with a lawyer who gets the entrepreneurial space.Our guest for this episode is Peter North, a seasoned commercial lawyer who embarked on an incredible journey during the turbulent times of the 2009…Read More

#011 Afreen Huq – Associate Professor discusses the realities of Women in Entrepreneurship

Afreen Huq is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the School of Management at RMIT University, Australia. Afreen’s research explores how gender identity and socio-cultural factors influence women’s entrepreneurial behaviour and approach to growth. She studies this phenomenon on women entrepreneurs in both developed countries as well as in culturally restrictive societies. Afreen…Read More

#010 Allan Aaron – Advisor to the Defence Force Strategic Capability efforts, Entrepreneur and early stage VC.

Introducing Allan Aaron, a distinguished professional with an extensive track record spanning over 35 years in technology and business. Allan’s career has been remarkable as an entrepreneur, venture capital investor, management consultant, and engineer.Allan honed his skills during nearly a decade in management consulting, working with prestigious international firms, including McKinsey and Co. His journey…Read More

#009 Nathan Wakeford – From fine tea and chocolate to the jungles of Mexico

Welcome to Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo.Today, I interviewed Nathan Wakeford, a serial entrepreneur I met in the 2000s as he and his business partner built up Somage Fine Foods from a lounge-room startup into a multimillion-dollar global business.Nathan is a perfect example of how the entrepreneurial journey is more than just building wealth and businesses. …Read More

#008 Greg Riebe – Award winner and champion of Entrepreneurship in Western Australia

Meet Greg Riebe, a seasoned veteran with over two decades of hands-on experience in both the corporate world and the dynamic landscape of start-ups. He pioneered the first technology incubator in Perth, serving as a trailblazer in the emerging tech sector. Think of him as the initial spark that ignited Perth’s tech innovation engine. He also…Read More

#007 Chris Elphick – The oldest young entrepreneur making a difference in the South Pacific

Chris Elphick is a seasoned entrepreneur transforming lives in developing economies like Vanuatu and Fiji. Originally a school dropout from the UK and now based in New Zealand, Chris focuses on tapping into the unexplored potential of disadvantaged youth.In our enlightening discussion, Chris takes us through the landscape of entrepreneurship in the Pacific Islands, especially…Read More

#006 Usman Iftikhar Helping Immigrants and Refugees create and build businesses in Australia

Usman Iftikhar, a systems entrepreneur driving change in multiple sectors and across different countries. Not just a polymath who enjoys art, history, technology, and music, Usman is on a mission to solve two critical global issues: climate change and the refugee crisis. His body of work has garnered him several prestigious awards, making him a…Read More

#005 Wendy Franks – A woman who won’t give up – A tenacious and authentic entrepreneurial Journey

Wendy is a single mum, entrepreneur and passionate creative.  Wendy discusses her journey as a businesswoman with a passion for the new and interesting, balancing off life’s real challenges and valuing one’s self during the tough times.  From the sea to the land, Wendy is a testament to resilience, passion and dedication to what’s important.Read More

#004 Norm Jenkins – CEO of i4Connect, the evolving life of an entrepreneur, dad and life partner.

Norm was the CEO of i4 Connect, the delivery partner for the Australian Government’s  Accelerating Commercialisation Program, helping start-ups commercialise their ventures.  An ex Defence Force veteran, Norm brings insights rarely discussed, from making a living and raising a family while having an entrepreneurial mindset to working with defence and the business of commercialising innovation.Read More

#003 Sylph Hawkins – Carbon Offsets using Blockchain, Austrian Economics & Incentives driving behaviour

Sylph is a cofounder of Treecoin, a blockchain startup business offering carbon offsets. This is a fun and deeply intelligent conversation about the trials and tribulations of business from 16 years old to late 30’s. Sylph is an extraordinary meld of Eastern wisdom and brute force entrepreneur. He spent the last 14 years working with…Read More

#002 Balendran Thavarajah – Get Mee Founder and the boy who ate his mother.

Balendran Thavarajah (Bala), Founder and CEO of GetMee, a personal AI coach that teaches users to speak more clearly, directly and effectively.  I worked closely with Bala during my time with the Accelerating Commercialisation program over 12 months and got to know him well; I consider him a friend.  Bala’s life journey into tech entrepreneurship…Read More

#001 Peter Long, Silicon Valley Vet, Tech Founder and Investor

Peter Long is a Vet Engineer of Silicon Valley, Founder and Investor.  He has completed projects involving big data, near real-time visualisation, security (identity, authorisation, encryption, etc) and cloud-based services. He has held senior technical, marketing, and management positions in Australia and the US – including an eight-year stint in Silicon Valley as a global…Read More

Welcome from Peter Christo

Hi, I’m Peter Christo, the host of entrepreneurship.au.I want to introduce you to this podcast, and to do that, it is important to clarify what I mean by entrepreneur and entrepreneurship.The lens I look at entrepreneurship through includes inventive people building businesses, corporate venturing but ‘out of necessity’ innovative thinking, and the power dynamics, policy…Read More