#020 Norm Jenkins on Culture in Startups as a competitive advantage & playing it straight with your life partner.

In this show, I interview Norm Jenkins again.  You may remember Norm was one of the first discussions on the podcast (EP#004).  Today, in Ep #020, we discuss the power of culture as a driver for entrepreneurial success in a start-up.  Norm and I discuss the power of establishing a solid culture at the beginning and building from there to minimize unnecessary friction and conflict and accelerate growth.  This includes the basis upon which the first foundational hires take place and the hard and confronting conversations we have to have with life partners.  This is complex and nuanced stuff but critical in the early stages.

Enjoy my conversation with Norm Jenkins.

Norm’s contactable via linked-in (https://www.linkedin.com/in/normjenkins/) or email norm@i4d.com.au.