Welcome from Peter Christo

Hi, I’m Peter Christo, the host of entrepreneurship.au.I want to introduce you to this podcast, and to do that,...

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#001 Peter Long, Silicon Valley Vet, Tech Founder and Investor

Peter Long is a Vet Engineer of Silicon Valley, Founder and Investor.  He has completed projects involving big data,...

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#002 Balendran Thavarajah – Get Mee Founder and the boy who ate his mother.

Balendran Thavarajah (Bala), Founder and CEO of GetMee, a personal AI coach that teaches users to speak more clearly,...

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#003 Sylph Hawkins – Carbon Offsets using Blockchain, Austrian Economics & Incentives driving behaviour

Sylph is a cofounder of Treecoin, a blockchain startup business offering carbon offsets. This is a fun and deeply...

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#004 Norm Jenkins – CEO of i4Connect, the evolving life of an entrepreneur, dad and life partner.

Norm was the CEO of i4 Connect, the delivery partner for the Australian Government’s  Accelerating Commercialisation Program, helping start-ups...

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#005 Wendy Franks – A woman who won’t give up – A tenacious and authentic entrepreneurial Journey

Wendy is a single mum, entrepreneur and passionate creative.  Wendy discusses her journey as a businesswoman with a passion...

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