Hi, I’m Peter Christo, the host of entrepreneurship.au.

I want to introduce you to this podcast, and to do that, it is important to clarify what I mean by entrepreneur and entrepreneurship.
The lens I look at entrepreneurship through includes inventive people building businesses, corporate venturing but ‘out of necessity’ innovative thinking, and the power dynamics, policy and programs and macroeconomic forces entrepreneurs need to navigate.
For me, the art of entrepreneurship is a meld of hard-core skills, wisdom blended with grit to deliver an alchemy of sorts, where lead (ideas) are turned into gold (sellable products and services solving real problems).  Of course, there is a material reward at stake, but we humans are motivated by intensives, and in general, these are to improve our station in wealth, power and influence.
This podcast is a forum for discussion and discourse in an attempt to reveal the truth in the world of entrepreneurial endeavour.  Not all is as it should be.  Sometimes, the market for ideas, innovations and capital is corrupted, and the best ideas and intentions are not always the beneficiaries.  There is a saying that “it’s the pioneers are the ones who take the arrows”,.. I’ve seen this again and again.  Nichola Tesla is an excellent example of that.
Sometimes, however, extraordinary ideas and businesses become incredible enterprises with bigger balance sheets than many countries.  This benefits the business, the community and the country they operate.
From the macro to the micro, I’m interested in stories that help to inform, shine a light on the good the bad and the ugly aspects of entrepreneurship, and connect us, as more and more people find themselves having to think entrepreneurial to succeed.