#011 Afreen Huq – Associate Professor discusses the realities of Women in Entrepreneurship

Afreen Huq is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the School of Management at RMIT University, Australia. Afreen’s research explores how gender identity and socio-cultural factors influence women’s entrepreneurial behaviour and approach to growth. She studies this phenomenon on women entrepreneurs in both developed countries as well as in culturally restrictive societies. Afreen is also interested in exploring identity reconstruction, socialisation, and resilience of migrant and refugee women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who have social outsider status.

Afreen also studies how curriculum innovation in entrepreneurship education can enhance graduate employability. Her research in Entrepreneurship education rests on evidence that learning can be significantly enhanced when the locus of the learning process is shifted from the educator to the student; the entrepreneurship curriculum is reimagined and redefined in ways that reduces the hierarchical ‘barriers’ between educators and students; and creates an inclusive and shared learning journey underpinning a human-centred, empathetic approach to realising better educational outcomes.