#016 Prof Jason Potts and Dr Darcy Allen – How Blockchain is revolutionising Economics, Finance & Business

Welcome to “Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo,” in today’s episode, we have an exciting focus on blockchain and DeFi (Decentralised Finance) innovation, featuring Jason Potts and Darcy Allen from the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub (Australia).

Prof. Jason Potts, is a Distinguished Professor of Economics at RMIT University and a co-founder of the Blockchain Innovation Hub and D3 at RMIT. Jason is a recognised authority in the field of blockchain technology, with a deep focus on the economics of innovation and new technologies. Jason’s insights into blockchain and web3 technologies for businesses are invaluable, making him a distinguished figure.

Notably, Jason serves as an editor of the Journal of Institutional Economics and is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. His wealth of knowledge and experience promises to provide our listeners with a comprehensive understanding of blockchain’s impact on entrepreneurship.

We also have Dr. Darcy Allen, serves as the Deputy Director of the Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University. Dr. Allen is actively involved in researching the economics and policy surrounding blockchain technology.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Allen has authored influential books such as “The New Technologies of Freedom,” “Unfreeze: How to Create a High Growth Economy After the Pandemic,” and “Cryptodemocracy: How Blockchain Can Radically Expand Democratic Choice.” Furthermore, he has delivered over 50 research reports and opinion pieces in both print and electronic media.

In this discussion, we explore the world of blockchain and DeFi, gaining insights into the economics, policy implications, and potential for innovation within these transformative technologies. Jason Potts and Dr. Darcy Allen will share their expertise, shedding light on the blockchain revolution’s impact on entrepreneurship and the broader business landscape.
Join me in this fascinating discussion with Jason and Darcy.

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