#023 Erik Zimmerman – From a Crude Awakening to Socially Conscious Entrepreneurship

In this episode, I discuss Erik Zimmerman’s remarkable journey. Influenced by his psychologist mother and futurist father, who profoundly impacted my own entrepreneurial philosophy, Erik has developed a keen understanding of human behaviour and business innovation.

Erik’s entrepreneurial journey was sparked in 2006 after viewing “A Crude Awakening” at the Melbourne Film Festival. This experience led him to found Rezeko Pty Ltd, a renewable energy company later acquired by AGL in 2011. His commitment to sustainable solutions continued with his investment in Echo Group Corporation Pty Ltd, focusing on energy efficiency and solar technologies, which was acquired by Energy Australia in 2019.

As CEO of Sitetech Solutions, Erik oversees operations that support over 2,850 building sites across Victoria with pioneering fencing and safety technologies, including the exclusive E Bracket, Kingfence, and Fence-Lok systems. He is also a major shareholder and Director of the upcoming Edutech startup Alcazar, which will launch in mid-2024, and a foundation investor in Treecoin.

During our discussion, we covered the key elements that have contributed to Erik’s success and his vision for making a difference in the world.

His latest endeavor, the Wonga Forest project, aims to plant 100,000 trees near Daylesford, embodying his commitment to addressing global challenges and transforming consumer trends into successful business ventures. Join us as we delve into how Erik’s rich background and innovative mindset drive his mission to create impactful change.

Join me in a most extraordinary conversation with Mr Erik Zimmerman.

Contact Erik at Sitetech Solutions.