#0013 Peter North 3P Legal – Values, Risk, Entrepreneurship and Purpose

Welcome to the “Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo” podcast. I’m your host, Peter Christo, and today, we have an inspiring story to demystify engaging with a lawyer who gets the entrepreneurial space.

Our guest for this episode is Peter North, a seasoned commercial lawyer who embarked on an incredible journey during the turbulent times of the 2009 Global Financial Crisis. After a decade in a city firm, Peter saw an opportunity aligned with his values.

He decided to start “3P Legal” just as the world was grappling with the challenges of the Great Pandemic. Peter’s journey from a one-person legal practice to a thriving team of four is driven by his dedication to helping people prosper. The three Ps—Passion, People, and Prosperity—are the guiding ethos of his practice.

Join us as we dive into Peter North’s story of resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of providing holistic legal services during challenging times.

This is “Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo,” where we bring you stories of bold individuals like Peter North who dared to dream, disrupt, and thrive.

Feel free to contact Peter and his team at www.3pcorp.com.au