#025 Paz Pisarski – Startup Series – A Key Woman building Communities as a Service 2024 style.

In this episode, I chat with Paz Pisarski , the phenomenal Co-Founder of The Community Collective. Paz is a professional musician and now Entrepreneur who is building impactful communities and supporting 200+ businesses, including Canva, MYOB, CSIRO, Blackbird Ventures, Founders Factory Africa, and more! 🚀

You may recall the concept of a Key Wo/Man business we mentioned in the last episode,..  well here she is!!

Her journey is nothing short of inspiring. From managing Australia’s largest startup community at The Startup Network to growing RMIT Activator’s community from 500 to 5000+, and designing 10 Accelerator programs, Paz has done it all. She’s also automated tasks at Happy Spaces coworking and empowered migrant women through SisterWorks. 💪

Now, living along the Surf Coast, Australia, Paz continues her mission with The Community Collective. She enjoys sipping Chamomile tea and creating relaxation music as Paz Sounds. 🌊✨

Contact Paz at The Community Collective or via her Music at Paz Sounds.

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