#002 Balendran Thavarajah – Get Mee Founder and the boy who ate his mother.

Balendran Thavarajah (Bala), Founder and CEO of GetMee, a personal AI coach that teaches users to speak more clearly, directly and effectively.  I worked closely with Bala during my time with the Accelerating Commercialisation program over 12 months and got to know him well; I consider him a friend.  Bala’s life journey into tech entrepreneurship needs to be heard to be believed.  He is an open and honest spirit and genuinely seeks to make the world a better place through his contribution and evidence that nice guys do not come last.   Bala inspires me, and I am grateful he made himself available for this conversation, not once but twice.

This is Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo, and here is my conversation with Bala Thavarajah.