#022 David Ritter – Blockchain Entrepreneurship & The Importance of Privacy in DeFi.

This week, I enjoyed reconnecting with an old friend and fellow blockchain enthusiast, David Ritter. Our paths first crossed in 2017 in Shanghai, and David’s intellect and passion for innovation in the financial services immediately stood out in our interactions.  After rekindling our connection a year ago, I was eager to have him share his insights on the show.

David’s journey is inspiring and deeply informative, especially in today’s digital age, where privacy is paramount. He is currently making waves in the privacy sector, leveraging his extensive background in blockchain technology.

David is CEO and co-founder of Privacy Lock, a pioneering company that offers privacy-compliant solutions to banks and financial institutions. His academic journey began at USC and was enriched by his professional experiences in China and the USA. Before Privacy Lock, David co-founded a blockchain company that played a critical role in enabling Web 3.0 technologies, which I believe was a landmark initiative in the field.

David has spent six years specialising in compliance technologies for banks and financial entities. His previous venture involved creating tax compliance solutions for multinational banks—a testament to his innovative approach to complex challenges.

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, David also contributes to the broader privacy community. He chairs the Colorado Privacy Policy Commission and is an active member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

David Ritter is a true visionary in the intersecting realms of privacy and blockchain. 

Please enjoy my conversation with Mr David Ritter.