#006 Usman Iftikhar Helping Immigrants and Refugees create and build businesses in Australia

Usman Iftikhar, a systems entrepreneur driving change in multiple sectors and across different countries. Not just a polymath who enjoys art, history, technology, and music, Usman is on a mission to solve two critical global issues: climate change and the refugee crisis. His body of work has garnered him several prestigious awards, making him a notable figure in the international arena.
Usman embodies the ‘Renaissance Man’ for the modern age. His depth of curiosity isn’t just for show; it’s an integral part of his holistic approach to solving intricate problems.

Usman’s purpose addresses two of the world’s “wicked problems”: global warming and the refugee crisis. Think of these issues as a gnarled knot—complicated, interlinked, and desperate for unravelling. Usman is among the few brave souls tugging at the threads with strategic and impactful initiatives.

The recognition he has received is nothing short of remarkable:

– 2018 Commonwealth Young Person of the Year: A crowning glory, placing him as a notable figure among 1.4 billion young people in 53 Commonwealth countries.
– Obama Leader for the Asia Pacific: Signifying his influence beyond his home country.
– Western Sydney Champion 2021 Award: A testament to his impact on a local level.

These accolades serve as tangible milestones in his journey to foster significant change.

Usman is also the driving force behind Catalysr, an initiative that has swept numerous awards, including the Governor General of Australia Gold Medal. Think of Catalysr as a high-potency fertilizer, enabling new enterprises to sprout and flourish, especially those with social impact. Contact Usman and his team at hello@catalyzr.com.


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