#012 Michelle O’Neil – Tail Wags Horse, a story of Equine Entrepreneurship

Welcome to “Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo.”

Today, we’re joined by Michelle, a lifelong equestrian whose journey began on her family farm, surrounded by an endless supply of ponies and horses. From early stock work with her father to her active involvement in Pony Club activities in Adaminaby and Cooma, Michelle’s love for horses blossomed through diverse experiences ranging from dressage to sporting and jumping to tent pegging.

Her passion for dressage evolved over years of competition, eventually leading her to the exhilarating world of rodeo, where she specialised in barrel racing and steer undecorating. Michelle’s admiration for the Quarter Horse’s calm temperament inspired her to breed her own all-round competitors.

Beyond rodeo, Michelle’s versatility shines through her participation in camp drafting, western pleasure, reining, and showing at halter. As an educator, she conducts clinics nationwide and shares her expertise at home, fostering a community of equestrian enthusiasts.

Michelle’s insights extend to her writing contributions for the Australian Performance Horse Magazine and her popular “Ask Michelle” Q&A column in HorseWyse Magazine. She co-produced the educational DVD “Please…Can I Have A Pony,” in collaboration with Cherry Tree Equine and HorseWyse Magazine.

At Equitana, Michelle has been a staple since 2012, engaging audiences with her interactive sessions and insightful presentations on topics like “Finding Your Ideal Equine Partner” and “Happy Trails.”

Join us as we delve into Michelle’s remarkable journey, exploring the intersections of entrepreneurship, passion, and equestrian excellence.

You can contact Michelle at www.cherrytreeequine.com.au