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#023 Erik Zimmerman – From a Crude Awakening to Socially Conscious Entrepreneurship

In this episode, I discuss Erik Zimmerman’s remarkable journey. Influenced by his psychologist mother and futurist father, who profoundly impacted my own entrepreneurial philosophy, Erik has developed a keen understanding...

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#022 David Ritter – Blockchain Entrepreneurship & The Importance of Privacy in DeFi.

This week, I enjoyed reconnecting with an old friend and fellow blockchain enthusiast, David Ritter. Our paths first crossed in 2017 in Shanghai, and David’s intellect and passion for...

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#021 Gaynor Lawton – Helping Teens and others with their self doubt through entrepreneurship

Here’s my conversation with Gaynor Lawton, an inspiring mentor helping both small businesses and teenagers navigate their entrepreneurial journeys.Gaynor believes that self-doubt can immobilise even the most confident entrepreneurs....

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#020 Norm Jenkins on Culture in Startups as a competitive advantage & playing it straight with your life partner.

In this show, I interview Norm Jenkins again.  You may remember Norm was one of the first discussions on the podcast (EP#004).  Today, in Ep #020, we discuss the...

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#019 Nick Boniciolli – Metalhead revolutionising decision-making with AI

Today, we have the pleasure of delving into the entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Nick Boniciolli, a dynamic entrepreneur hailing from Adelaide, Australia.Nick epitomises the entrepreneurial spirit, transitioning from his...

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#018 Ilias Zervas – Entrepreneurship: A Greek Odyssey with a Modern Beat

Join me as I discuss Entrepreneurship in its rawest form, on he streets of Athens in Greece.Ilias Zervas is a multi-talented individual serving as a business consultant, musician, and...

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