#007 Chris Elphick – The oldest young entrepreneur making a difference in the South Pacific

Chris Elphick is a seasoned entrepreneur transforming lives in developing economies like Vanuatu and Fiji. Originally a school dropout from the UK and now based in New Zealand, Chris focuses on tapping into the unexplored potential of disadvantaged youth.

In our enlightening discussion, Chris takes us through the landscape of entrepreneurship in the Pacific Islands, especially Vanuatu. He delves into the challenges entrepreneurs face in developing economies, such as education, cultural constraints, and corruption. Particularly notable is his work empowering women entrepreneurs in Vanuatu, battling poverty and changing social attitudes.

Chris is no stranger to thinking outside the box, challenging conventional norms, and even debating the effectiveness of programs designed to aid young Pacific Islanders in Australia and New Zealand. With a finger on emerging markets’ pulse, his insights blend real-world experience and keen observation.

So grab a seat and tune in as we explore entrepreneurship, sustainability, and political leadership in developing economies with Chris Elphick.



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