#009 Nathan Wakeford – From fine tea and chocolate to the jungles of Mexico

Welcome to Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo.
Today, I interviewed Nathan Wakeford, a serial entrepreneur I met in the 2000s as he and his business partner built up Somage Fine Foods from a lounge-room startup into a multimillion-dollar global business.
Nathan is a perfect example of how the entrepreneurial journey is more than just building wealth and businesses.  In many cases, it’s a battle between who you are and who you are becoming and the expression of that through entrepreneurial endeavour. 
Nathan’s journey has been formative in so many ways and his vision for whats next an inspiration.
Join me as I interview Mr Nathan Wakeford.

Nathans Links
IG: Sovereignwealth
IG: Mothertreetulum
Web: mothertree.mx