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#015 Velenie Jacob – The challenges of helping female entrepreneurs in the South Pacific

Welcome to “Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo.” In this episode, I’m thrilled to introduce our guest, Velenie Jacob, an Business Coach & Trainer from the Vanuatu. Velenie is distinguished by...

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#014 Donna Patane – The cyclonic force in IP Law making sense and having fun in the middle of an actual cyclone.

Say hi to Donna Patane – A cyclonic force in the space of commercialisation and innovation within the context of all things Intellectual Property.  As the pioneering registered trademark...

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#0013 Peter North 3P Legal – Values, Risk, Entrepreneurship and Purpose

Welcome to the “Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo” podcast. I’m your host, Peter Christo, and today, we have an inspiring story to demystify engaging with a lawyer who gets the...

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#012 Michelle O’Neil – Tail Wags Horse, a story of Equine Entrepreneurship

Welcome to “Entrepreneurship with Peter Christo.” Today, we’re joined by Michelle, a lifelong equestrian whose journey began on her family farm, surrounded by an endless supply of ponies and...

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#011 Afreen Huq – Associate Professor discusses the realities of Women in Entrepreneurship

Afreen Huq is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the School of Management at RMIT University, Australia. Afreen’s research explores how gender identity and socio-cultural factors influence...

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#010 Allan Aaron – Advisor to the Defence Force Strategic Capability efforts, Entrepreneur and early stage VC.

Introducing Allan Aaron, a distinguished professional with an extensive track record spanning over 35 years in technology and business. Allan’s career has been remarkable as an entrepreneur, venture capital...

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